10 Things to Be Considered While Planning Medical Vacations in India

Medical Vacation In India

10 Things to Be Considered While Planning Medical Vacations in India

04:53 25 September in Tourism

India is one of the most popular destinations for Medical vacations. Around three hundred thousand people visited India for medical tourism in the year 2013-2014. Impeccable medical facilities, state of the art technology, high-end infrastructure and not to forget brilliant medical professionals that India offers at a cost much lower than what is charged in western countries, makes India one of the best medical tourism destinations.

Further, enchanting and amazing places, beautiful landscapes, historical palaces, relics and monuments and incredible views that India offers also adds to reasons why one should visit India for medical tourism. So, if you are also planning to visit India for your medical vacation then apart from carefully choosing your doctor/hospital for your medical needs, following 10 factors are also to be considered ensuring your vacation is comfortable and successful.

Passport and Visa: No matter where you are to land in India, you need to have a valid passport of your native country. In case you are from a country whose nationals qualifies for Visa on arrival then you can get it affixed for a fee after you land at the airport else you should get a Visa affixed on your passport before you board the plane to India.

Your Preferred Destination: India is truly beautiful and incredible throughout; however, you need to know what destination you should reach for your medical needs. In addition, your preferred destination should be such that it is near to some worth visiting places. And therefore, it is highly advisable to choose your preferred destination well in advance. This will help you further cut down on cost as you can directly fly in to your destination or nearest to it.

Book your stay: There are numerous options to stay in any part of India but it is wise to find the most budget friendly option and book the same in advance. This will help you avoid last minute cost hike.

Travel within Country
Local transport, Railways and bus service is available in all parts of the country. However, the best mode of travel is Railways but you need to make advance booking for most comfortable journey. If you can do the same by yourself then it is best else you can ask your medical tour operator or agency to get the same booked for you. Similarly, you can also book local transport like taxi and cabs.

Safety Concerns
It is best to avoid any conflict and stay safe. You are in India to travel and for your medical needs, so do not enter into any sort of conflict. Though, people here are friendly and helpful and respect tourists. Still, it does not cost to mind your own business. Women travelling alone in the country should avoid roaming alone in dark and dingy places. In addition, it is always advisable not to carry your passport and other documents in original to all the places. Best is to safely store them in hotel or lockers, but do keep a photocopy of all relevant documents.

Cash and Cards
In almost all parts of the country you will find stores that accept cards. You can also use Travelers cheque but at some places only cash is accepted and so it is advisable to keep some Indian Currency along.

Accessories that you should pack
In India power supply runs at 220V-250V and 50 Hz and therefore you have to bring in a suitable convert for all your appliances, battery chargers and mobile chargers. Sometimes, you might not find them here conveniently and therefore it is best to pack these essentials in your bag.

What to wear
India has a diverse climate and therefore the most suitable clothing that you should come along or buy here will depend upon the place and month you are visiting the country. Generally, you should pack cotton clothing if you are visiting the country during March to October. For November to February, you will need warm clothes for Northern India; however, Southern part of India remains pleasant and you can don cotton clothing.

What to do and what not to do
People throughout the country are tolerant of many things but do remember not to make fun of any custom or rituals. No one will ever force you to follow any ritual but you too should not make a mockery of it.

Helpline Numbers
When you are visiting the country try to keep away from any ugly situation. However, if you feel unsafe or feel threatened, you must call on the following helpline numbers. You should also keep handy contact numbers of your embassy in India.
Police Control Room – 100
Ambulance – 102
Fire – 101
Indians have in their culture to respect guests and look after their wellbeing. And therefore, your stay in the country will definitely be pleasant and successful. Additionally, the advanced healthcare system will take care of your medical requirements and you will add to hundreds of thousands of happy medical tourists who choose India as their preferred medical tourism destination.

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