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Conglomerate of Dentistry & Tourism Experts
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Conglomerate of Dentistry & Tourism Experts

Tooth & Travel is a banner name for a team of professional in the field of dentistry, tourism and hotel industry, amalgamated to provide a combination of these and many other services in one package.  Dental Tourism in India is a combination of many facets and thus needs not only one expert from just one field but a team of experts helping you experience the best of everything India has to offer.

Along this journey, let us pamper your body with the most rejuvenating spa and ayurvedic therapies and your mind and soul with ancient yoga practices.


To become the most reliable, trusted and enjoyable agency in India.


To provide our clients with best dental treatment in world class dental facilities, enjoyment with tourism and rejuvenation with ayurveda, spa,yoga and meditation.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Best in Quality

Tooth And Travel Team

Tooth and Travel is a team of professionals from the field of dentistry, tourism and other services who work to provide you the best dental treatment and tourism in India. We have started this agency with the idea of providing dental tourism to clients from all over world. Since then we are serving our clients from USA, U.K., France, Russia, Canada and many other parts of the world.Tooth and travel does not promote any single practice, we search dental clinicians based on the requirement of our client. Our team consists of dentists who have taken specialized degrees in fields like MDS Prosthodontics, MDS Orthodontics, MDS Pedodontics, MDS Endodontics, MDS Periodontics, Oral Surgeons and also who have done specialized courses from India and abroad. Our team of dentists provide online dental consultation, refer to your past case papers and x-rays.

We seek to provide you the best dental treatment on a much affordable price. We customize the package as per clients requirement and provide add on services that are originated in India like Ayurveda, spa , Yoga and meditation. Tourism is provided as per the dental schedule of the client. We work out your complete dental, tourism and rejuvenation programme before you enter India, so that you can enjoy hassle free treatment, enjoy beauty of India and explore various services that India can provide.

Dental Treatments Service

Not just promoting one dental clinic or just one dentist.  Just like all your 32 teeth are different in shape size and function and clearly all are important, likewise their dental treatment cannot be completed by just one dentist.

Treatment taken upon by Specialists:-

  • Dental Implants
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Dental Impaction
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Smile Designing
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Bone & Gum Surgeries

Wait, we have a little bit more in store for you just to make our dental services thorough. Many patients undergoing dental treatments are not aware beyond the role of a dentist providing the treatment.  There is another team of dental professional involved in your treatment without whom your dental treatment may be incomplete, i.e., a team of professional dental laboratory techinicians.

A Dental Laboratory Team works at the back end and fabricates and manufactures your dental prosthesis such as your crowns & bridges, veneers, night guards, bleaching trays and many others.

This is where we are different.  After our discussion with you and understanding your specific treatment needs, that may vary from budget to the motivation of treatment (improving your smile, replacing a broken/missing tooth or any other) we bring together a team of generalists as well as specialists from the various field of dentistry to provide you with just the right treatment for you.

Treatment taken upon by Generalists :-

  • Dental Fillings
  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Simple Extractions

We understand the importance of every moment you spend in India for your dental treatment and time wasted results in increased cost.  Therefore, not only we keep ready a team of dentist before you come to India, we have a network of dental laboratories to support your dentist from the word go.  Our team of dental laboratory technicians is also expert in their field and understands the importance of thorough and precise work.

Not only we amalgamate a good team of dental professionals for you, we also coordinate with them on a daily basis and make sure they fix appointments timings in sync with your other plans that they are available whenever you need them without wasting any time.

Hotel / Accomodation Services

Hotels of India are regarded to be one of the best throughout the world. India happens to be the land of hospitality and the warmth of its culture invariably reflects through services you receive in hotels across the country. Further, the cost of the accommodation is also low in comparison to that of hotels in many other developed countries.

Expert consultants at Tooth and Travel are eager to assist you in searching the best accommodation and hotel services for your stay during the treatment period. We have lined up numerous worthwhile places for your stay offering you a pool of options to choose from.

All the time that you are in Delhi, India, for the dental treatment, you can choose a hotel or any other preferred mode of accommodation near the clinic. For days when you do not have any scheduled treatment sessions, our accommodation services consultants will help you arrange for hotels at destinations you want to tour or visit.

At Tooth & Travel we have proactively screened each type of accommodation namely Luxury & Budget Hotels, Resorts and Bed & Breakfast avenues for their service, security and other essential parameters ensuring you have a safe, pleasant and comfortable stay.

Travel Services

There is so much to experience in India than in any other part of the world.  Due to its rich history and cultural heritage which has resulted from many kings and civilizations ruling this land and a vast geographical area offering many different types of landscapes, it is difficult to experience all of it in a short span of time.  Undergoing a dental treatment during your travel can become a limitation and stop you from going too far to experience many other beautiful things India has to offer.  It is very important that your travel and treatment plans are organized in synchronization so that they do not limit each other to a larger extent.

Travel plans are one of the most crucial aspects of your journey within India.  Travelling during your trip may add up to many hours and hence it is very important that you do not waste time in transfers from your hotel to dentist, dentist to sightseeing, and so on.  Not only this, but it is important that you do not get tired during these transfers due to a lack of good service and end up not enjoying your day.

There is a lot more planning that goes into a dental tourism trip, than one can imagine. And it is always good to leave that to the experts so that you can enjoy and really do what you came for.

This is where we prove our worth.  Just imagine you wasted a complete day after your treatment because your travel guide did not know about your dental treatment schedule thoroughly.  Or imagine your dentist, does not have time in his schedule on the day you are not travelling or vice a versa, your guide has planned your travel on the day your dentist needs you on his chair.

Managing all this and having to relax and enjoy your trip may not be impossible, but certainly a difficult task.  Avoid all this chaos and just leave it all up to us, and let us coordinate the complete journey for you, so that you don’t waste a minute on what you never planned to do.

Imagine getting stuck in traffic in busy city roads while on your way to the dental office or spending an extra hour in the dentist’s office waiting for your crown to be delivered to him so that he may fix it.

Spa / Ayurvedic / Yoga Services

Yoga helps in improving physical and mental health. It reduces the symptoms of asthma, improves mood and reduce anxiety. Yoga can reduce high blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiac failure, improves back pain, helps in diabetes, jointpain, arthritis and many more. Yoga also reduces your fat and make you fit and look slimmer. Yoga is very helpful for children as it will keep them fit throughout their life.

  • Rest, relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful and beautiful natural setting.
  • Meet people who wish to give a new direction to their life through the teachings of yoga.
  • Have a full yoga experience with all asanas, mudras and pranayam..
  • Talk to the people who can help in implementing positive changes in your life.

Ayurveda possesses the power to rejuvenate the body, mind, senses and the soul by exploring the remedial secrets of nature. Ayurveda is the science of achieving the physical and mental balance in life. The extracts of herbs, flowers, leaves and barks are used in this therapy. Feel shirodhara, the magic of panchkarma and combination of various massages and herbs. Ayurveda provides the treatment of all chronic diseases like Hepatitis, arthritis, diabetes, depression, heart ailments and many more. It combines the techniques of detoxifying and purifying body.

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