An Amazing Experience: Trip to Nainital

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An Amazing Experience: Trip to Nainital

06:45 05 July in Tourism

We went to Nainital on a trip last weekend. Nainital is a peaceful place with many taals (ponds) in and around it. The main attraction is Nanital where you can enjoy shikara and boat rides. Big Mall road is there in front of Nainital (pond), where you can find almost everything from all kinds small food joints to good hotels. You can have all kinds of food but North Indian is their specialty. Luckily, we got a room in front of the Nanital pond on Mall road itself. It was big luxury suite.

The weather in Nainital is cold in the evening and pleasant through out the day. Rain with little storm can start anytime and you can always enjoy little drizzling . You can very good corn cob in Nainital and every second shop will be selling Candles in various forms.

The other taals around this place are Bhim Taal, Saat Taal, Naukuchiya Taal, last one being very beautiful and relaxing. You can feel clouds around you, little droplets of dew and fresh green mountains around you. You can see various waterfalls in the passage, roads are comfortable but little landslide can be seen.

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