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Braces are used in patients with mal aligned or crooked teeth, teeth which appear overlapped, crowded, rotated, or too much or too less visible while smiling.  Braces or Orthodontic Treatment has advanced significantly in recent years and has become much more comfortable and less time consuming than it was years ago.

Braces can be applied to children as well as adults, and because of many advanced materials, the braces (brackets) are made up of ceramic and are less visible than the conventional steel brackets and hence the appearance of the braces is not a significant problem any more.

Benefits of getting Braces or Orthodontic Treatment done

  • Braces can improve the appearance of your smile and make your face very attractive, thus boosting your self confidence and personality
  • Mal aligned or crooked and crowded teeth are very difficult to clean and may cause decay of teeth and gum diseases, therefore orthodontic treatment/braces will provide you with a healthier and easy to clean teeth.
  • Crowded and mal aligned teeth can cause more wear and tear of teeth and lead to more damage of teeth, which can be prevented by orthodontic treatment/braces
What to expect from Braces/Orthodontic Treatments:

Treatment involves moving your teeth from their wrong positions to the right ones by application of gentle and continuous force which is delivered by the braces. Due to the advanced materials and techniques, there is little discomfort if any as compared to the past. The treatment usually lasts for one to two years, although it may vary for individual cases. Once the treatment is over, may be advised to wear retainers to keep the teeth stabilized in their new positions.

It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene and follow good cleaning habits for your teeth and gums during the treatment is going on to avoid increase in cavities and gum problems. You may be asked to refrain from certain food items such as chewing gums, candy, caramels and hard food items that may disrupt the braces. Keep your patience and wait for the treatment to complete and the outcome will be fruitful.

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