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Dental Implants
Get a new smile with Dental Implants in India

Replacing a missing tooth in the least damaging way has been the ultimate aim of dentists for decades. This, however, has now become a reality. Dental Implants is the answer to replacing a missing tooth in your mouth without harming adjacent teeth, has been considered as the most natural replacement of a missing tooth. Due to many years of research and development of new age materials, Dental Implant therapy has given a very successful clinical outcome and is now a days routinely used for replacing missing teeth. In simple words, a dental implant works as a root of your tooth over which a tooth cap/crown can be placed.

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants act as a tooth’s root and are made up of a titanium. Titatium is one of the most neutral metals for our body and is also routinely used in many other implant procedures other than in dentistry. A Dental Implant is in the form of a tooth’s root and is inserted into the bone in place of your missing tooth’s root.

How Dental Implant works?

Once a dental implant is inserted into the bone, it get integrated with the bone and thus can support a tooth crown/cap over it. A implant with a crown/cap over it, acts as a replaced tooth and serves most of the functions of your natural tooth, such as in chewing your food, improving your smile, improving your speech. Due to many advances in Dental Implants in the past decade, the success rate and efficiency of dental implants as an option for replacing missing tooth has increased tremendously.

Is there any option to replace missing tooth/teeth other than Dental Implant?

Yes, there is. A missing tooth can be replaced by a fixed partial denture (FPD) commonly known as a bridge or by a removable denture.  To place a bridge (FPD) your dentist will have to grind the adjacent teeth in order to replace your missing tooth, which is considered as harmful and can also damage your teeth’s nerve.  In case of a removable denture, the load of mastication will be placed on remaining teeth and bone and in long term the bone will also reduce in size and there may be increased load on your remaining teeth which may lead to problems in the long term.

Therefore, Dental Implant is considered as the best solution for replacing missing tooth/teeth without damaging your remaining teeth.

How do I know if Dental Implant is
suitable for me?

Dental Implant therapy can be provided most individuals, even with systemic diseases, with proper care and technique. If you have lost your tooth, then there is a good chance than you can get it replaced using a dental implant. It is better to replace a missing tooth with dental implant soon after or immediately after the tooth is lost. Because you natural tooth is attached with bone, after it is lost, the bone starts to shrink in size and in years to come, it will only become less in amount. As the implant is inserted in the bone for integration, it is better to have more bone than less. So, if it is inevitable that you will loose your tooth/teeth, always plan ahead and find a solution to replace it.

Is getting Dental Implant in India
a safe option?

Yes, in fact India is one of the best places to get a dental implant treatment.  Dental Implant in most cases is a simple procedure with a high success and survival rate.  Dentists in India follow the same principles and techniques for placing dental implants as used in the most advanced and developed countries of the world.  This and the world standard infrastructure and state of the art equipments ensures that your treatment will be done in the same manner or even better as in your own country. In fact, you will find world’s best and most renowned company’s marketing and selling their dental implants and related products in India.

Add all of this with the low cost of health care system in India, you will soon realize that you would be saving a lot of money in your pocket on your way back, after getting treatment done in India and also travelling and experiencing the rich cultural heritage and beauty of India.

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