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We do not just treat dental problems, we solve them for you. Tooth and Travel helps you find the best dentist for the right treatment at the best cost.  Getting treatment done is just one part of solving the problem, finding the right place and person to do it is another.  Due to the variable cost and quality of dental treatment in India, many tourists find it hard to decide where to go and how much to pay and end up spending much more than it usually is required.  Striking that fine balance between cost and quality is a job that is best left to the experts so that you may relax and explore many other facets of travelling.

We place great emphasis on the quality of dental treatment done at any of our recommended clinics and therefore keep a regular check on such quality parameters.  We ensure that the dentists recommended for your dental treatment have in depth knowledge and expertise to treat the problem.  In many cases, we try and form a team of dental specialists from different fields of dentistry, who give their valuable inputs and provide specific treatment to provide a perfect result.

We Strive to Give You A Unique Dental Experience
Few points that we keep in mind before recommending a dentist/clinic for you


  • Has proper qualification and is highly skilled to perform the treatment required.
  • Has advanced knowledge of the problems and their treatments.
  • Keeps oneself updated about in his/her field of work.
  • Is professional and ethical in his field of work.

Dental Clinics

  • Is clean, hygienic and managed professionally.
  • Equipped with most of the advanced instruments and infrastructures required.
  • Follows a strict sterilization and disinfection protocol.
  • Has all necessary emergency protocols in place.
  • Easily approachable and ready to adjust according to your limited time schedule.
Services We Offer

Dental Implants

The tooth you lost to an accident or to your crush for sweet candies can now be replaced and restored. Dental implant services offered by our dentists ensure that you get the freedom to smile wholeheartedly leaving behind the stinging consciousness of your missing tooth.

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Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges are long in use to protect the tooth from further decay. The bridges are used to support the adjoining teeth from moving away from their position. Both crowns and bridges are used together to provide much needed support to the teeth set and improve the aesthetics.

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The teeth color and the flashy smile that you always wished for are not a dream anymore. Our expert dentists can now fabricate and incorporate dental porcelain Veneers that will give your teeth the desired white color and will also keep them protected from wearing down quickly.

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Teeth Whitening

White & clean teeth exuberates health and virtuous personality. Even if you have not stained your teeth with tobacco, the stains dent both your personality and smile. But, now at Tooth & Travel we offer you teeth whitening services that will remove the stains for a beautiful smile.

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Smile Designing

Each and every face has its own unique smile and if you are shying away from spreading the joy, then smile designing is certainly a process for you. Our dentists take in account your face and personality and create a custom smile that perfectly complements you.

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Dental Extractions for Impacted Tooth

Teeth set has its allocated space in the mouth but tooth type such as wisdom tooth that appear quite late have to make its own space. Sometime, in the process the tooth gets cramped and impacted and need to be carefully extracted.

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Gum Surgeries

Healthy gum adds to the beauty of your smile and to the overall oral health. Sometimes, gross negligence and poor oral hygiene tends to develop into gum diseases that need to be treated through gum surgeries.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A tooth can be replaced another can be restored, but when you have a little too many problem with the teeth set, it is better that you consider for a full mouth rehabilitation that take care of every aspect of your teeth set, its longevity and aesthetics.

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If overleaped teeth or crooked teeth or any other type of alignment problem of your teeth set is keeping you away from flashing your beautiful smile, then braces that are offered through our expert orthodontists will certainly answer your agony.

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General Dental Treatments

It is best to take a good care of your teeth and follow considerable level of oral hygiene. However, in case you have missed the point and are now suffering from dental problems, then consult our expert dentists and benefit from general dental treatments such as Root Canal.

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