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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Preserving, Restoring & Rehabilitating Every Tooth

Do you feel you have dental problems with many of your teeth, like multiple missing teeth or worn out teeth or any other affecting most of your teeth and gums.  This may be due to avoiding regular dental checkup and treatment and these problems pile up till you find yourself in a state of complete confusion as to what and how to turn back the clock and get yourself a perfect looking and functioning set of teeth.

If this is the case with you, then you might benefit from a Full Mouth Rehabilitation/Reconstruction, which is a process of reconstruction of what is lost.  This process may include treatments such as dental crowns and bridges, dental implants, veneers, root canal treatments, extractions, etc.  The culmination of such procedures result in a new set of teeth that look good and work great.

Maintenance once you get your new set of teeth

  • Practicing good oral hygiene habits like brushing at least twice daily and flossing/inter dental brushing, as advised by your dentist is important and should be followed sincerely.  Also regular follow up visits to your dentist also forms and important part of maintenance, where you might be provided with professional cleaning of teeth and gums.
  • Do not confuse Full mouth rehabilitation with smile designing, as the former is a need where as the latter is a desire. Full mouth reconstruction often aims to treat the underlying disease and creates a more suitable and efficient set of teeth to prevent problems from further deteriorating, where as smile makeovers or designing is a process which aims to create a more beautiful looking smile.

FAQ’s regarding Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Why is full mouth rehabilitation required?

Teeth that are in bad conditions such as worn out teeth or badly broken teeth, or multiple missing and/or decayed teeth cannot function properly and make is hard to chew or speak properly. There might be associated pain due to infections and aches in jaw muscles and joints do to imbalance between the teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment that aims to resolve all or many of the problems associated with a bad set of teeth and thus helps to achieve a better dental status.

Is this procedure painful?

Full mouth rehabilitation may include many procedures to reconstruct the whole dentition, ranging from dental implants, crowns and bridges to root canal treatments.

Many of these procedures are performed under local anesthesia and thus are relatively comfortable and painless.

How much does FMR cost?

Cost of a full mouth rehabilitation depends on the severity of the problem and amount of treatment required, hence, the cost varies from case to case.

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