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Root Canal treatment

Root Canal treatment is used in cases where a damaged or painful tooth can and needs to be saved. A successful root canal treatment would avoid the loss of the tooth and eventually save you a lot of money.

When is Root Canal Treatment Required

Root canal treatment may be done in following cases:

  • Painful/ Sensitive tooth
  • Badly decayed/broken tooth
  • A tooth requiring a crown due to other reasons
  • Severely worn out tooth/teeth
  • Need to keep the tooth in its place for some time.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatments

  • Avoids extraction of tooth
  • Saves you a lot of cost incurred due to replacement of missing tooth/teeth
  • Conservative than removing the tooth and replacing it afterwards
  • Prolongs the life and function of the tooth

What is the Procedure for RCT?

In RCT, a dentist would numb your tooth before he/she cleans the tooth and rid it of any decay. After cleaning, access is gained into the center of the tooth (pulp chamber and canals) and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected using fine instruments and solutions.

Once this is done, the canals of your tooth are filled and sealed with gutta percha and a filling is placed into the chamber and other cleaned part of the tooth. This procedure ensures that the infection inside your tooth’s pulp chamber and canals is eliminated and does not re-enter this space.

After RCT, will my tooth be any different than before?

After RCT, the tooth is prone to fracture under pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that after RCT is done a tooth should be provided with a crown/cap. For further details on crown/cap kindly click here. Once a cap is placed on the tooth, it will serve as before and help you in chewing your food and improving your smile.

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