Beautiful Smile

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Gum Surgeries
Periodontal Surgeries for Healthier Gum

A beautiful smile is never complete without a beautiful and healthy gum. You may have a beautiful set of teeth but if your gum’s health and appearance is not good, you may end up hiding your smile in fronts of friends, family and colleagues.

Gum problems may vary from black appearing gums, receded gums, red, bleeding and swollen gums to bulky and fibrous gums.The causes of these and many other gum problems are various and range from gum infections, hereditary, side effects of medications, cigarette smoking, to improper positions of teeth and improper brushing habits.

Gum surgeries include a variety of procedures that may be undertaken to resolve any kind of gum problem that a patient may be experiencing.  Gum problems are as well many and different in nature but their treatments are simple, safe and predictable.  Oral tissues are one of the fastest healing tissues in our body and hence the results come out fast.Now a day dentist are not only doctors but also considered as artists as they use their sound scientific knowledge and reasoning to craft a beautiful smile for you.

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