My experience as a Dental Tourist and Places I explored near Delhi

Experience as Dental Tourist in India

My experience as a Dental Tourist and Places I explored near Delhi

06:13 14 October in Tourism


I am György and the unusual spelling of my name is because I am from Hungary. So, you can very well read it as ‘George’. I have been adventurous since childhood and always wanted to grow up as a professional angler. However, I grew up to be a social scientist and avid angler. And during one of my angling trips, I met an accident that took away couple of my front tooth from the upper jaw. And as a social scientist, it was easy for me to notice behavioral changes in people around me. I will not say if I faced despair but yeah I was sad about it.

Contacting Tooth and Travel

In Hungary, you can afford a lot of things that our neighbors do not get so easily and inexpensively. But, dental treatment is as costly as any other European Nation, except Romania. However, I was not keen on travelling to Romania as a dental tourist since I had already visited the best of the country. The nearest possible destination that offered great service and could entice me as a tourist was India. I enquired and engaged Tooth and Travel. I was very impressed with their website and proper information present over it.

Coming to India

So, it was just the next week and I was in India. Upon arrival I was revised the tour itinerary for treatment and non treatment days. The day of arrival seemed to be hospitality day and throughout my stay I enjoyed tons of hospitality and warmth that India offered. Next day, I met one of the reputed dentists of Delhi (I had the option of choosing my dentist basis their experience and other information) and he examined my upper jaw line, ran several diagnostic tests and then discussed with me the complete treatment plan. I was amazed that I also got a complimentary discount which further reduced the cost of my dental tour to a mere fraction of what I would have spent in Hungary or even in Romania.

The Treatment Days

The schedule for treatments days were not confined to visiting the clinic rather the days started with a session of meditation as I preferred it over Yoga. It was followed by a sumptuous lunch and a visit to the clinic. Late in the afternoon, or at least an hour after the treatment session, I got the lunch. In India there are thousands of dishes and cuisines and I tried as many as I could. The evening time was for local sightseeing and I enjoyed visiting local churches, Lotus temple, Humayun Tomb, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, India Gate and various local markets. As a social scientist, I loved to see how people interact and how people in India are friendly and helpful. Later in the evening, I as a habit had my dinner by 8:00 PM ensuring I do not miss the 6:00 AM meditation session.

Non-Treatment Days

The non-treatment days too started with meditation session followed by a hearty breakfast. Then as per pre-selected destination, I enjoyed the visit to Jaipur, Agra and Shimla. Though the Taj Mahal is known to maximum travelers throughout the world, but I would again emphasize that when in India, do visit the Taj Mahal. It will be one of the most memorable things that you experience in India. The lunches and dinners were scheduled according to our travel plans.

Dental Implant

I have always loved to brew my own coffee and it has always been strong which over the time made my teeth discolored. And though I flew to India just to get my implants but along with my dental implant I also got my teeth whitened. I have to visit the clinic for8 days when the dentist implanted the titanium screw and then just after couple of days the crows were fitted. And it took only one session extra session to get white and shiny teeth. Throughout the process of dental implant, I never faced any discomfort. I must acknowledge that Indian doctors are truly one of the best. And the clinic I visited had a great ambience with most sophisticated and modern equipment for carrying dental diagnostics and procedures.


I enjoyed every part of India I visited. Be it mountains or the plains, India is hospitable and friendly all over its expanse. I even wanted to visit southern and extreme northern parts, but I could not find much time. However, I will return, obviously not as a dental tourist, I do not want to lose any other teeth, and then I will explore the amazing beauty that India has to offer. And before I end it, I would like to express my gratitude towards Tooth and Travel team who managed my stay beautifully. You people are a befitting conglomerate for dental tourism.

Viszlát (Good Bye)



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