Beautiful Smile

Preserving It for You Forever
Teeth Whitening
Transforming Your Smile & Appearance

Are your teeth yellow or dull and make you conscious of your smile. It is very difficult to smile comfortably, knowing that your teeth are stained and yellow or dull. Well, you don’t have to hide your beautiful smile anymore. With Teeth Whitening Procedure you can have beautiful naturally white looking teeth that you always wanted.

Stains on teeth are of two types, internal and external.  External stains can be taken care of with a simple procedure such as scaling and polishing.  But internal stains of the teeth do not go away with such a procedure. Also if the shade of your teeth is yellow, then cleaning your teeth using scaling and polishing will not help.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching can remove these internal stains and also improve the shade of your teeth to make them look naturally white.

Teeth whitening is absolutely safe, once your dentist has given you a green signal after examining your teeth and gums and checking your medical history.  As often thought about it, it does not use a chemical that will damage your teeth, if done properly.

Teeth Whitening can be done in two ways

Office Bleach

Done by a dentist in a clinical setup

Home Bleach

Done by you, after being provided with
materials and instructions for the same.

What is the Difference between the two?

Home bleach and office bleach, both are aimed to achieve perfectly white teeth that usher in you the missing confidence to flash your smile and spread happiness. However, the differences are in the products used and how they are administered in different environment.

Home Bleach

Gel strips

These strips can be applied to the teeth and left for an hour or two before being peeled off. Some of the gels are dissolvable and does not require peeling. You can use strips as and when need be. The gels of the strip act as the cleansing agent and give your teeth the desired whitening. It is also advisable to rinse your mouth thoroughly after strips have been removed.

Whitening toothpaste

If your teeth are affected from surface stains then this is the best option to achieve sparking white smile. These toothpastes contain minute crystals and healthy chemicals that whiten your teeth.

Whitening rinses

An alternate to mouthwash but contains whitening agents. Easy to use and as all you need is to use it for about a minute or two. However, for best results you should swirl and rinse your mouth slowly ensuring that the whitening agents of the rinse get enough time to act over your teeth.

Whitening trays

These trays are basically like tooth guards and fit over your teeth set. It is filled with whitening agent and when it is used the gel gets smeared over the teeth and starts the whitening process. However, the trays available over the counter may not be exact fit and therefore you can even ask your dentist to fabricate one as per your teeth set.

Office Bleach

When you are at the dental clinic, the dentists thoroughly investigates the teeth set and assess the procedure that will be best for whitening your teeth. In most of the cases dentists use customized trays containing bleaching solutions. In some of the cases additional catalytic agents and even light and heat is used by the expert dentists to offer you the best teeth whitening results.

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