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Many people experience problems with their wisdom tooth, the most common cause of the problem being that they are impacted due to which they become more prone to development of caries and/or gum infections. The reason is simple, being the last tooth to come into the mouth, it does not always get the space and hence has to adjust with what ever little space is available and rest of it gets buried inside the gum/bone. One may experience a lot of pain when your impacted tooth creates a problem and even if the pain may be mild, there is always a chance that if not treated well in time, it may end up becoming worse.

Your lower wisdom tooth is most commonly impacted, but there are other teeth that are also seen in impacted positions in many individuals like, the upper wisdom teeth, canines, and premolars.

There may be few options for treatment of these impacted teeth listed below:

  • Discolored teeth and gums
  • Removal of gum lying over the tooth
  • Exposure of the tooth and pushing it into its rightful place

The most common of these is the extraction or removal of the tooth. Extraction of a impacted tooth has to be done very carefully as it involves lot of important anatomic structures nearby and can also lead to gum problems in the tooth in front of it (Second Molar). Extraction of these teeth are unlike extraction of other teeth and require more time and skill on part of the dentist, is usually done by an experienced specialist and hence the cost of removal of such teeth is high and many fold as compared to extraction of other teeth. The amount of discomfort after removal of an impacted tooth is fairly predictable in most instances and would be informed to you by the dentist in advance so that you may take certain precautions to keep post operative problems at bay.

Therefore it makes sense that if you have an impacted wisdom tooth that has to be removed then to get the extraction done at a much cheaper cost with the same standards of treatment protocols and sterilization.

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