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Get the Perfect Teeth color and Flashy Smile

Veneers are a wonderful solution for teeth that are stained, worn, chipped or misaligned. Porcelain dental veneer is a highly popular way to redesign and brighten your smile. By reshaping teeth, dental veneers can correct for misaligned teeth without the use of braces. Porcelain dental veneers most closely match the natural luster of tooth enamel, giving them an incredibly realistic look.

What is the difference between a Veneer and a Crown?

A crown covers all the surfaces of your tooth, front/back/left/right and above. Hence to accommodate a crown on your tooth, it has to be trimmed from all these sides.

Whereas, a Veneer covers just the face of your tooth and does not require trimming of the tooth from all sides. Therefore, it is much more tooth saving than a Crown.

Does the color of the
Veneer change over time?

A Veneer made up of porcelain remains very stable in color, form and texture. Hence, its color/shade will not change over the years.

It may develop external stains such as that of tea/coffee/tobacco, just like your other teeth, which can be cleaned easily.

Can I chew my food as

Yes, you can. Although it is advisable not to incise very hard food items once the veneers a in place, you can chew you food easily.

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