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Dental service without breaking the bank
Why Tooth & Travel?
Everything you need in one place

Importance of time – time wasted in your journey can cost your up to X% of what you spend.

- We coordinate with all the service providers to make sure you don’t waste time during your transfer from your hotel to your dentist, or in your dentists waiting area, waiting for him/her to get free. We even keep ourselves updated about the traffic conditions of busy city roads, so that you do not waste precious time stuck in a traffic jam.

- We make our fee worth spending for you, so that not only you enjoy our journey but end up saving a lot more than you imagined and experiencing much more than you searched for over the internet.

- Improve Smile, Relax, Rejuvenate

- We are not a single dental practice, therefore can offer many options for the same problems

- We are mediators/guide for your complete journey in India, not just a Dentist or Tourism Agent, and thus focus only on you completely, not just on your smile and therefore will plan everything for you.

- We can even negotiate further and provide you lower rates than you will get if you go directly to a service provider (dentist, hotel, travel agent) as we have knowledge of the local market and do bulk business with many of these service providers.

- Having local knowledge we can help you get the best, remember you don’t always get what you see. If you feel the same about us, just go for a free trial. (ask/inquire and send probably dates of visit and dental problems you are facing and we provide you with a tentative dental plan tailored for you)

- If you plan for dental treatment in india, you will not only just visit a dentist in India but also would go out for food, travel, spa, yoga, ayurveda and other activities. Your dentist is best in treating your teeth, but cannot be with you (cannot help you out) in other aspects.

- We plan your complete journey, from ticket bookings, to finding the best dentist for your specific dental needs, to hotel bookings, travel plans, food and shopping.

- Hassel free, don’t think just enjoy your travel and treatment.

- Don’t just get the best dental treatment, or best travel experience and other activities, get the best of everything.

- We have a wide network of service providers like dentists, hotels, spa/ayurveda centers, restaurants and many others, spread across the country. Therefore, even while on your travel in India in any region, you will find the best dentist, best restaurant, best spa/ayurveda centers, wherever you are.

- We are transparent about our charges/commissions and do not inflate dental fees or other expenditure, therefore will make sure you get the best rates for everything and charge you nominal fees.

- Therefore even if you include our fees in your travel expense you might be spending less than otherwise.

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